Welcome Changes

 I recently had this vintage lantern fixture (found at the flea market) installed in our entryway.   We also added the ceiling medallion.  I hope to get a brass door plate for the door someday too.  (The black things hanging down on the front porch are a hairy spider Halloween decoration.  Although I’m trying to downsize my collection of decorations that were purchased at Walgreen’s or somewhere similar, the boys would freak out if I got rid of that spider!).

With the new paint color, the light fixture, painting the door black, and some re-accessorizing, the difference is really starting to show…

Above is the view as you enter the front door.  The rug is an Uzbek Caucasian gazni wool found at the Santa Fe flea market a few years ago.  This is also a great flea market if you’re ever in the Santa Fe area!  Below is the before shot of the light fixture:

 This is the old chandelier but with the new paint.

Old paint.  No more baby gates!

This vignette is still a work in progress.  The fabric on the chair is vintage from Repro Depot (I just visited the site and it is currently closed!  They still sell patterns but no more fabric).  The chair was a find I refinished a few years ago.  The table is Fenton MacLaren which I bought unfinished and painted.  The lamp is HomeGoods and the print is an antique lithograph in an antique frame.  The stack of frames under the table is actually a work in progress.  I am hoping to frame a lot of family photos and hang them on the blank wall going up the stairs.  I have been collecting antique and vintage frames for a few years now preparing for it–hopefully I can get it done soon!

Thinking About: Wall Hung Kitchen Sinks

 I recently found this vintage country wall mount sink at a salvage yard and since we are in the beginning stages of a slight kitchen redo, it really caught my eye. 

How beautiful would it be with an antique brass faucet coming out of the wall and facing you as you walk in the kitchen?   This one was much too large for our space but I started hunting around online.  I found some really nice reproductions. 

This one from Signature Hardware is really pretty.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found one that will work for us in our kitchen redo but a lovely farmhouse apron front sink is probably in our future instead.  Still, I can tell I’m going to have hard time getting this wall mount out of my head!

Custom Painted Cabinet

These are pictures of a cabinet I just painted for a client to go in her bathroom.  It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the original yellow and blue paint is showing through a coat of ASCP French Linen.  

The cabinet is sitting on my front porch waiting delivery so I decorated it with some of our pumpkins…

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Pumpkins On The Stairs

I stole this little Halloween idea from Houzz.com.  My 4 year old liked it so much he started putting all our Halloween decorations on the stairs while saying “I love this!”.

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English Bar Cart

I found this little English, oak, bar cart at the flea market a few weeks ago.  I had been looking for a bar cart for our dining room for ages and this one was so sweet.  I also needed something to try out my first shipment of chalk paint.  Here is the before shot:

It is a nice vintage piece, probably from the 1930s with its original wheels.  I loved the details on it but it was a little dark and had a burn mark where a candle had been lit from the second shelf.  

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with Duck Blue as the base coat, then Old White, then French Linen.  I did some heavy distressing on it to bring out the little carved details on the front and the turned legs and then sealed it with some wax. 

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Bougainvillea Gone Wild

 I had to share a picture of this crazy Bougainvillea bush that grows in front of my next door neighbor’s house outside my kitchen window.  It is so beautiful to look at and mostly covers a hideous telephone pole so I have no complaints.  But it must be so hard to maintain!  It was cut down to nothing in the spring (at least 10 feet shorter than in this shot) and look at it now…

And this is after the guy in the picture just finished trimming it again!  Do any of you have experience with Bougainvillea? 

Antiquing in Cambridge, MD

I just got back from a wonderful girls weekend with 2 of my dearest friends in Cambridge, MD right outside Baltimore.  During the visit we were able to find some time to visit some antique stores.

Besides the crabs, Maryland must also be really big for water bird hunting.  There were so many bird decoys!  Mostly ducks but some swans and geese too. 

Forgive the terrible iphone photos.  The lighting wasn’t great but the finds were.  I didn’t actually buy anything but I had so much fun looking.

I loved this piece.  It looks like a miniature canoe but it was really the hull of a fishing boat.  The paint on it was beautiful.

So much fun!  So many great things to see.  We didn’t do a whole lot of shopping while we were there but what we saw seemed promising.  I bet it is a great area to spend a lot of time and really hit the antique stores.  If you’re ever in the Baltimore area, be sure to head over to Cambridge and see what you can find.

New Rug

Our new rug for the TV room arrived yesterday and I love it!  It’s the Swedish Stripe from Dash and Albert and the woven cotton is so soft.  It really brightens up the room too.

I also like how the casual stripe and woven texture calms down the Victorian elements in the room like the fireplace (which I love!–but it is pretty formal). 

This is a close up of some more of the McCoy pottery my MIL gave me recently.  The color is so pretty!  The little bowl holds cocktail napkins and the pitchers would be great for a little afternoon iced tea.

Doing this blog is so fun but it makes me realize all the things I want to change and update in my house when I see it in photos.  I have been meaning for years to replace these Target curtains that I bought when we first moved in, but now that I see them in the picture, I realize it is much more urgent than I thought!  Also, I went around and grabbed pillows from all over the house for the photo because I knew the ones I have usually on the sofa won’t work now with the rug.  That’s the danger–change one thing and it’s a domino effect!

I also have realized I want to change the walls in here–not just repaint them but get rid of the texture which has always driven me crazy.  I replastered the walls in our bedroom a couple of years ago and the change was dramatic.  The only problem is, the ceilings in this room are coved and I would have to replaster those too.  I don’t think my neck could take it!  Plus it’s so messy and dusty.  Someday I’ll get around to it though.  Thanks for stopping in!

A Little Halloween…

It’s hard to believe we are fully into Halloween season around here.  I am trying to decorate for fall little by little but our first cold of the school year has made for some unpleasant days and sleepless nights this past week.  But we did find this adorable little haunted house at World Market the other day.

These great spooky trees were a gift from my mom a few years ago.  They were from Pottery Barn.

 I found this black mirror at the flea market a couple of months ago and haven’t put it where it’s going to go yet.  I propped it in front of our mirror on our mantel and added some spooky black ravens and a piece of Moorcroft pottery I inherited years ago from my great grandmother (it’s got lots of damage but I still love it!).

The kids are so excited about Halloween!  We definitely had rainy fall weather today.  I went to the flea market this past weekend and got  some good finds.  I have so many projects in the works but nothing completed yet but hopefully I will have something to post about soon.  Thanks for checking in!