A Ghost in the Attic: A Mystery!

When we were getting down the Christmas decorations from the attic last week we scrounged around a little farther in than we usually do and propped up on one of the joists was this fine gentleman:

He has obviously had some water damage.  We think the workers must have found him when they were doing our roof a few years ago and just propped him up.  The roof had many leaks when we first moved in so I think he must have been on the receiving in of one of them.


And of course now we are so curious who he is!  Our house was built in 1902 and since we moved in I have been meaning to visit the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association and get some info on it.  Many homes in our neighborhood were built by notable craftsman architects like Julia Morgan, John Hudson Thomas and Edward Seely and I’ve always wanted to find out if ours had any interesting origins.   Was this mustachioed gentleman one of its early inhabitants?  It looks to be from about the right time period.

I would also love to have this portrait restored and displayed–what an exciting connection to have to our home!

Maybe after the holidays I will find the time to register at the BAHA and try to get some info.  I’ll keep you posted.

8 thoughts on “A Ghost in the Attic: A Mystery!

  1. Oh Lane you should get info on your house. I went to the Annapolis Historic Foundation a d got info on my home. My report was very detailed…gave all dimensions of the moulding a, baseboards, window millions etc. it also gave a brief history of previous owners.

    The report gave details from room to room. In our dining room it said that under the staircase was another staircase leading to the cellar. We do not have a cellar. There is a closet under our staircase! We removed everything the the closet to see if there was someway under the house. The hardwood in he closet looks newer but its not used as much as the main floor. It makes your imagination run wild but it’s doubtful there was a cellar. If here was I don’t want to know why it was filled in! I was told by a neighbor that rumor has it in the early 1900’s a woman killed her husband and hide his body in the walkway beside my house. There is a Haunted Annapolis Tour that will take you on a walking tour by candlelight and tell you the haunted tales of our city. I am a chicken and prefer not to know!

    Good luck with your research…he looks like an interesting gentleman.


    • Tery, the story of your house is so interesting! You have really inspired me to find out more about ours. I am going to be thinking a lot about the fact that you may have had a cellar–I just got chills thinking about your house’s possible place on the ghost tour! I’ll let you know if I find anything out but I’m pretty sure it won’t be as interesting as yours…

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