Adding Functionality to Beauty

A few years ago I bought this antique armoire at a local shop to serve as extra storage upstairs.  As is common in many old homes, there is not a lot of closet space to be had and we were very much needing a place to keep linens:

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 9.00.19 PMI loved the tone of the wood (walnut I think) and the inlay detail as well as the fact that is was in good condition and had never been refinished.  Unfortunately it was not really set up to be a linen closet but just a closet for people to hang a few items back in the day.  So it became a place for us to stuff blankets and comforters with no rhyme or reason:

IMG_2279 IMG_2280 IMG_2281

I’m all for making things work in the name of beauty but I had originally purchased this piece to help with our storage issues so it seemed like something should be done to make it more functional.  So, last week I inserted some shelves down the two sides and now there is beauty inside and out:

armoire organized 2 wtrmrk

armoire organized wtrmrk


armoire wtrmrk

I also organized my own closet this weekend and I feel 10 pounds lighter.  For me, the hard part with organization is not doing it, but maintaining it.  I’m hoping these shelves will help make that easier.  :)

3 thoughts on “Adding Functionality to Beauty

  1. Nice! I’m hoping that in our next house I’ll be able to bring in some bigger pieces of furniture to serve as storage as well. We have small closets on our second floor and it’s really difficult. Thankfully they are deep so we can fit a lot of stuff in them. We also have a small pantry/closet in our kitchen and we added shelves last year which made organizing so much easier.

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