Bachelor Living Room–Before and After

Here are some of the final pictures of the client’s living room I have been working on.  This is the bachelor who was going contemporary eclectic in his one bedroom condo.  We are still waiting on some light fixtures in the kitchen and dining room so those photos will have to wait.  The living room before was a basic rental–all white with carpeting:


And after:


2012-05-26 15.43.58

Justin Guitar Wall_smaller
I’ll do a post about the details in the next day or two.  Also, I have a great discount offer on a wonderful site to share tomorrow–Can’t wait!

15 thoughts on “Bachelor Living Room–Before and After

  1. It looks fabulous, Lane! Love the color on the walls combined with that peacock blue couch and the pop of the coral. The gallery wall composition is great….oh and the leather chair!!!! I want that chair!

  2. Whoa!! Whoa!! This is truly an incredible transformation. I love the smokey grey walls and the leather, the color of the sofa, the huge mirror. Such an incredible mix. You done GOOD, Lady.

    Now I’m going to go back and study each carefully.

    • Thanks so much Camille! I’m embarrassed for you to look too closely at the photos–I (and the HVAC return) am visible in the mirror reflection! Aaaa! So embarrassing….Gotta work on the picture taking…

  3. Good evening,

    My name is Cedric Conley and I have a question. My question is what color or color scheme should I paint my hallway? A co-worker suggested I should paint it a light color, but I want to paint it red. The hallway and the doors is a western civilization color, with a semi-gloss texture. However, the frames of the doors, is solid-white.

    Thank you,

    Cedric Conley

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