Bachelor Pad Dining/Office Space

You may remember the bachelor pad from my previous post.   The next photo is probably quite familiar:


Well, here are a few more shots of parts of the apartment that I worked on.  This is the dining area which doubles as an office.





The client is a nice mix of city/town, old/new, country/rock n’ roll, so I wanted the apartment to reflect that as well.  It’s definitely an eclectic vibe.  You may remember the table from this previous post.  It serves as a desk most of the time but can be pulled out and the matching chair in the living room can be pulled up for a nice intimate dinner for two.

We had a large blank wall in the kitchen that needed filling and he is a big Johnny Cash fan so I painted this canvas for him featuring a line from I’ll Walk The Line.  Although the client really likes it, I just see it as a place holder until he can find some art he might like to start collecting.

Justing Painting

And here’s just a shot of a curtain I made to hide a very unattractive water heater…

Justin Curtain

We are officially finished with this project but he has hired me to do his work office soon too.  Please see my previous post for more shots of the living room and the art wall.  And for details on it, see this previous post.   I have also been busy working on more projects for the flea market–can’t wait to show you those!

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12 thoughts on “Bachelor Pad Dining/Office Space

  1. I had to do some catching up on the details of this project and I’m blown away Lane – this contemporary rustic bachelor pad is really fantastic. You’ve brought this place to a new level for your client – personal, comfortable, but also with a touch of Lane too. It’s really awesome – well done!

  2. You never seize to amaze me! You did an awesome job! What a perfect bachelor pad!
    Love the painting you did…I wouldn’t say it’s a place holder…it’s the finished painting!

    Congratulations Lane!


  3. You painted that? Wow, The rest of the bachelor pad looks great — the desk/eating area look perfect in there and i love that you’ve used his guitars as decorative pieces too. I also really like the light fixture above the desk and against the dark wall. I bet it looks like the moon at night.

    • Thanks Camille! I like the light fixture too and it keeps it from being too stodgy and vintage. I first thought of a repro barn light but soon into it could tell it was wrong…

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