DIY Entryway Organization

As my kids are getting bigger (oldest in first grade this year) I am starting to realize how much better we all need to be about organization.  With homework, after school activities, and play dates ever-increasing, I knew I needed to start to find a system to corral all their stuff.

I also knew I wanted whatever we had to be somewhat cute.  It’s one of the first things people will see as they walk in the front door.  Jackets, books, shin guards, hats, etc. all needed a place to go. 

First I bought these large baskets from Cost Plus about a year ago.  I sewed some cloth letters of each child’s initial and attached them to the baskets with twine.  The baskets are pretty deep so so far, not too much of the clutter has been visible.  This could possibly change as they get busier and the stuff grows…

Next, I got an old window at our local salvage yard and screwed these hooks to the bottom (one queen and two kings!).  I found these hooks at a little shop in Tallahassee, FL called Miss Mandy’s but here are some similar ones on Amazon.

Forgive the weird angles–it’s a narrow space for picture taking.  Thanks for stopping by!