Christmas Crafting Bug

I have been bit hard!  It’s my dirty little secret that I love crafting but am actually really bad at it.  I always wanted to be good at it and make gorgeous family heirloom scrapbooks or something like that but my crafts always end up pretty sad and actually way more effort, trouble and money than they are worth.  So a few years ago I gave it up.  Only occasionally with the kids would I break out all my old acrylic paints or my bags of felt.  It really was only because the kids wanted to…:)

But the other day I saw some great inspiration photos on Pinterest of so many cool Christmas crafts that I got inspired again.  I don’t know what got into me but I churned out three separate crafts projects in one afternoon and they weren’t half bad!  I think the fact that I spent almost no money on them helped immensely–way less pressure!  Most supplies I had on hand.

The first one might actually have been my own idea since I can’t find the pin on my pinboard.  I had a full can of primer from a previous painting project and a basket full of pine cones from last Christmas.  The pine cones were getting a little rough after being handled a lot by three pairs of little hands so I thought I would try dipping them in the paint.  Here’s how it went:

Definitely use pliers or something like that for dipping…


This is where it gets messy.  I stood there for what seemed like an eternity waiting for all that extra paint to drip off.  (It was actually probably more like 45 seconds).

Even with with letting all the excess drip off, a lot of paint pooled up on the plastic as they were drying.

And finally, after letting them dry for a day and a half, I added some German glitter and Christmas twine to make ornaments:

They also look really cute hanging on doorknobs!  I think I made about 10 of them and I still have about 6 more drying.  It’s actually good that my studio sale with Camille and Wendy got cancelled last week due to rain as now I will have these and other crafts for sale when we try again (weather permitting!) on December 15th.

I’ll have more on my crazy crafting binge soon.  Have you done any Christmas crafts this year?

8 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting Bug

  1. I’m not really a big crafter unless it’s easy and low maintenance. I could handle this pine cone craft. I think this is the year that Sheila will have fun with some things though, so I plan on doing a gingerbread house with her, and there is reindeer art at school that she always points too so I think we’ll try that. Just some things that are fun to do with her. We have no place to put stuff in our house (i.e. we’re maxed out on our display space) so I don’t do a ton of decorating and a lot of the items I pick up I either keep on our book case or put in our room (or in a box for our next home).

  2. Love these Lane! I did Pin this on my DIY board because I thought they looked so cute and relatively easy to make. Love yours with the glitter…one can never have enough sparkle during the holidays! I have been busy the last couple of nights with twigs and white duck tape…post coming soon!

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