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Lately I have been searching for a coffee table for clients who are redoing their living room.  It’s coming together: the paint has gone up, the sofa has arrived, pillows have arrived, chairs are getting recovered, curtains are being made, side tables purchased.  But we have yet to settle on a coffee table.  In the process I have seen several coffee tables that are quite nice.  Thought I would share some of my favorites:

Love this one from West Elm.  Such a light take on the wood and iron look and on sale now for $319.

This is so pretty and even though it has a lot of wood it feels airy with the legs and the fretwork.  It’s currently on sale for $239.

Bouclier Coffee Table

Bouclier Coffee Table

This one is made perfect with the brass feet.  It’s on the pricier side at $899.

I love the flexibility of these bamboo tables from Ballard, $179 a piece.  Put them together for a coffee table or pull them up next to chairs by themselves.

Simone Coffee Table

Simone Coffee Table

This iron and wood table from World Market is a delicate version of the many more rustic ones you see on the market and a great deal at $199.

Love this one from DWR.  A bit pricier ($900) but what a statement.  The top also comes in wood veneer options.

I love this wood and glass one from West Elm too.  Such great lines.  (It’s on sale for $319 as I write this).

Nate Berkus™ Glass-Top Bamboo-Style Metal Table

Nate Berkus™ Glass-Top Bamboo-Style Metal Table


I love this brass bamboo coffee table from Nate Berkus for HSN.  Unfortunately, it’s out of stock but I had to include it anyway–too pretty!


What do you think?  Have any good ones to add to the list?


11 thoughts on “Coffee Tables

  1. This is a nice round up Lane – what type of specifics are you looking at for your client? I’m always interested in what people want in a coffee table. There are so many possibilities. I’ve always loved the Origami coffee table from West Elm but it doesn’t look like it’s available any more which is a complete bummer:
    I do like the idea of using multiple smaller pieces (especially if the space is tight and needs more seating) and grouping them together. Sounds like this project is coming together nicely.

    • Hi Holly–The origami table is really pretty. Too bad it’s out of stock too. We are just having a hard time finding one that will work in their budget that they really like. Also, they gravitate towards heavier more industrial pieces and I’m trying to contrast that with glass and more delicate lines. The flexibility of the smaller tables together might be a good idea though because they do like to move things around when they have guests. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Love your choices Lane. That first option is my favorite! I currently have two square tables like Ballard ones you show. I like their versatility…especially in a smaller room. Looking forward to seeing what you end up with and pics of the project!

  3. Love the DWR one! Our neighbors had two smaller tables (similar in size to your Ballard example but with iron bases) that were a little worn out on top, so they had marble tops cut for them. They look great. Maybe I can sneak a pic for you…. :)

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