Color Inspiration: Emerald and Turquoise

For a while now my favorite color combo has been blue and green.  Not surprising looking at images from my blog, but also not all that interesting.  Really, who doesn’t like blue and green?   Even if you like hot pink, I bet you don’t really have anything against blue or green.  That’s like hating the sky or the grass:


But there’s something about a green with a vibrancy to it or even an olive earthiness mixed with a soft whisper of a blue that is really speaking to me these days.



I love how the patina in the above image adds a hint of green to the blue paint.


Source: via The Urban Orchard on Pinterest

Some dark charcoal gray mixed in can make the palette more contemporary and sophisticated.  And then have those colors become a back drop to set off golds or oranges and my heart skips a beat:




Especially when the orange is a wood tone or the gold is an aged brass:





What about you?  What color combo makes your heart go pitter-pat these days?

2 thoughts on “Color Inspiration: Emerald and Turquoise

  1. Oh my…several of this images have my heart all a-flutter! The bathroom with the aged and distressed wood slats or the entry way with the green door and vintage medallions hanging on the wall are sheer perfection. I think I have even pinned a few of these myself. The combination of this type of green and blue will always be at the top of my list! Great post!

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