Dark and Moody

I’m borrowing this title from a line from Emily Clark’s blog today. :)   You may remember I was having a  yearning for dark rich colors last fall.  Today Emily did a post about considering painting her powder room a darker color and it reminded me that before the holidays I pulled the trigger and painted our powder room a dark color which was a big change from its previous light hue:

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 4.04.39 PM

Now, it looks like this:

dnstrs bath crates wtrmrk

dnstrs bath toilet wtrmrk

dnstrs bath vanity wtrmrk

So what do you think?  I admit I’m loving it now, but will I feel the same in April?  I was worried about a dark color like this looking flat but I wasn’t wanting a semi gloss because of the rustic styling in here.  So instead I had it painted in flat and then waxed it myself to add depth and movement.  It also makes it easier to wipe clean.  The little kilim was an old rug I had in storage.

You can see the original before and afters of our downstairs bath here.

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17 thoughts on “Dark and Moody

  1. Well, you’ve done it again, Lane. It looks incredible. Especially with the wooden sink console. I’m kind of blown away all over again. How did I miss this when I came to your house the other day. I think you must have a billion things to blog about from all that I saw!

    Amazing and totally the right choice to make.

  2. LOVE it! Of course. And, let me tell you, if I ever get this crazy wallpaper off, nobody will have to remind me to share my post about my beautiful dark bathroom. Ha! I’ll be posting about it so much everyone will surely be sick of it…

    • Thanks Emily! And I have to say, I’m impressed by the level you are able to maintain with your blog with 5 children. I only have three and some days I forget one of them much less remembering what to blog about! :)

  3. Lane, I love your bathroom in this sultry shade – so pretty!!! – and just wait ’til you see my bedroom that was inspired in part by you and one of your posts in the fall! I think a powder room is the perfect place for a dramatic color – it’s not a room that you spend all your time in (hopefully) and is a pretty surprise for a guest when they walk through the door. In my last house I painted the powder room black and I absolutely loved how art popped on those walls. Enjoy it – if you tire of it – it’s only paint!

    • Thanks Lisa! I can’t wait to see your bedroom! And yes, I always tell myself that very thing–it’s only paint…

  4. Absolutely love it! It’s the perfect background for everything in there.
    It’s showcases everything and changes the feeling of the room.

    Great job…again!

  5. Wow, Lane, it looks great! Way to take the plunge. We recently painted the ceiling of our boys’ room a dark olive green and I’m diggin the look a lot. I love how your stained furniture looks against the dark walls. Great job!

    • Thanks Kat! And congrats on your little one–Finn is adorable! I love the sneak peek of the boys’ ceiling. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  6. LOVE the color! I hadn’t even thought of what I was going to do to my master bathroom, but I may go dark too. Question, where did you get the picture hanging over the toliet?

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