I feel like I say this every time I sit down to write a post lately but things have been a little crazy!  Nothing I can’t handle but I do feel a little stretched these days.


You remember from my last post how my front porch was filled with furniture.  Well, I did get the bed painted and I think it’s going to work in our bedroom, I just have to buy a new mattress.  John is traveling for work right now so that purchase will have to wait until he gets back which means I won’t have pictures for you for a a couple of weeks.


The bed looks good-I used ASCP Old White–but now I need to change the whole bedroom!  There were a lot of things I had been meaning to fix up for a while but as usual, had been putting off, but now that we have this new gigantic bed, it’s time to deal.  Here’s a photo from an earlier post of our master:

This photo is about a year or so old–before I knew how to take, style, edit, and light photos.  But it’s a pretty accurate representation of how our room looked a few days ago.  This little four poster was my bed growing up.  It’s a double.  John is 6’2″ and I’m 5’10”.  It was supposed to be temporary but 5 years later we were still sleeping in it.  The new bed is a CA king (which I always thought was just bigger than a king but is slightly narrower and slightly longer) so our room is feeling a lot tighter with the new bed.


The Old White is pretty on the new bed but now the room has too much white in it.  I either need to get darker curtains, paint the walls darker, or repaint the bed darker.  I am truly struggling here with what to do!  Lately I have been loving the look of dark rich walls and could see going in that direction but do I really want to paint that room right now?  Then again, do I really want to repaint a bed I just painted?  New curtains will help but I don’t think it will be enough.  It’s always like this with me–I change one thing and it’s a domino effect.


So to distract my mind from swimming with this new dilemma, here are some pictures of really beautiful bathrooms from my Pinterest board:


Source: bloodandchampagne.com via The Urban Orchard on Pinterest

I hope I helped distract you for a few minutes there–Thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Your old bed was just beautiful, Lane. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing with your room. You are going to be in heaven with the CA King! We have a regular king and it’s divine – particularly when munchkins find their way under the covers!

    • Thanks Lisa! That old bed was a labor of love for me. It used to have that 1960s speckly finish on it and over a period of a few months I sanded it off–without stripper. God knows why except that it was about the first piece I ever attempted to “improve” and I just didn’t really know what I was doing! It turned out nice but it was WAY more work than it needed to be. It will be Becky’s when she’s out of her crib soon. And I am really looking forward to a bigger bed. I think I figured out what I need to do, it will just take me a few weeks to do it!

  2. You are going to hate me for saying this, but I think your bed would look just amazing against dark walls. A charcoal gray or a nice deep, deep teal? It would have such huge impact. But like you have time to repaint a whole room, right?

    Ahh, to have a California King. I think if we’d ever had a bed that big we would have given in to kids sleeping with us!


    • I am really thinking about that Dark Harbor. It would be such a dramatic change. I have so many half started projects in our house right now though, John would kill me! Well, he IS out of town right now…

  3. I’d like to contribute to poor John’s rehabilitation. It could take years of chiropractic treatment to unfold himself. I”ll keep my mouth shut about the bedroom; I’ll let Camille be the trouble maker.

    Thank you for sharing some highlights from your Pinterest boards. Bathrooms are on my mind right now.

    • If I paint the bedroom while John is out of town, I will start taking donations for a divorce attorney. You and Camille can be my first contributors…

  4. I can completely relate! Our bedroom also has a poster bed in front of a window, flanked with mirrors. And, either the walls or the window treatments need something. Again, domino effect. Maybe I will wait to see what you do :)

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