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I’ve seen a lot of talk lately on the blogosphere about the lack of a green thumb among many bloggers.  I have to admit, I have killed many a plant myself while I discovered which ones could tolerate my rough brand of love.  I might like the looks of a maiden hair fern–so much so that I have gone through several in the last few years–but I kill them within two weeks.  (It’s like flushing money down the toilet, but I will probably do it again–they’re so pretty!).    The ones listed below are a hearty bunch and can tolerate inconsistent attention, bouts of inexplicable interior drought as well as guilt-driven over-watering.  If you are looking for plants that can take a licking and keep on ticking, try one of these:


cactus 1 wtrmrk

I’ve only had this cactus since the fall but I don’t think I’ve ever watered it.  It’s like a piece of sculpture but I have to remember it isn’t actually sculpture…


sarracenia1 wtrmrk

This little plant is great for a kid’s room because it’s carnivorous.  (Wait, I just reread that and it sounds darker than I intended.  I meant it eats flies which kids might find cool, not kids which some parents might find cool 😉 ).  We keep it in the boys room most of the time but it loves all the sun it gets in the kitchen–as well as the flies in the summer.  It has grown like crazy over the last year or so.  Just keep it sitting in water and it does great.  Out of the blue a week or so ago it sent up this crazy long bud.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it blooms.  Below is a picture of it a few months ago before the bud:

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 9.39.39 PM

And now:

sarracenia bud wtrmrk



Elephant bush:

elephant bush 1 wtrmrk

This is actually a new one so I can’t truly vouch for it but it is a succulent which I have had good luck with.  It’s also pretty delicate for a succulent which is nice for a tough plant.


Sansevieria or Snake Plant or Mother In Law’s Tongue:

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 9.34.19 PM

You can just barely see it in the bottom right of my fireplace pic.  I killed one of these once by actually watering it.  All I ever do to this one is about once a month I pour the remains of one of the kids water glasses in it and it seems to be fine.  It’s not necessarily growing a lot but it’s not dying either.  I think this one would be a lot happier with more sun.

Succulents–all kinds including jade:

dining table succulents 1 wtrmrk

I actually bought these succulents to take to the boys’ school next week for some teacher and staff gifts but while they are here in my house I thought I would enjoy them!  Most succulents are pretty easy as long as they get enough sun.  Infrequent watering seems to be best.

dining table succulents 2 wtrmrk

Before I tell you what a deal these were I have to tell you that they are PTA gifts–they are supposed to be inexpensive since the PTA is paying for them.  It’s not that I’m a cheap gifter!  But if you are looking for little inexpensive decorative plants that are low commitment, I got each of these ceramic pots at Ikea for $.49 and each plant was around $2 at Home Depot.

dining table succulents 3 wtrmrk

What is this?

stairwell plant 1 wtrmrk

This one has to be the winner.  A friend gave me a cutting of this a few years ago–maybe it had 3 leaves on it–and now look at it.  It is happy wherever I put it and I have tried it in every room in the house.  It doesn’t mind if you over water or under water it.  It likes sun but does OK in shade.  I just have no idea what it is.

stairwell plant 2 edt

Can anyone out there help?

 What are your kill-proof plants?


8 thoughts on “Easy To Grow House Plants

  1. I’ll have to ask my Mom about the mystery plant. You know I’m a fan of the sanseveria. It really is low maintenance and doesn’t require much care. I actually replanted mine last year and it has new growth on it. I tried a small succulent last year as well but it ended up dying – I believe it was due to the lack of light which I sort of hypothesized might happen but I wanted to try it.

  2. I was just saying to myself that I wish I could find a list of easy indoor plants….and here it is! Yay–thank you! Looking forward to finding out about the mystery plant. The Saracenia is neat–I imagine it saying, “feed me Seymour!”

  3. Hey Lane! Okay, this recommendation is not fool proof but it takes little skill and is so worth it. It’s called a Wandering Jew and my favorite variety has METALLIC SILVER, magenta and green in each leaf. It needs a bit of sun to get the silver really going. I will also be interested to learn what the mystery plant is. Thanks for all of the help today!

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