Guest Room–Transformed To Kid’s Room

Over the summer we finally made a big shift and decided to get rid of our guest room to let Duncan and Hart have their own rooms.  We only used the guest room a couple of times a year and even though the boys had a large and pretty cool room, we finally got the message that they wanted their own space.  I think Duncan had felt for a while that he was just a guest in Hart’s room and even though his new room is half the size, he’s really happy with the shift.  Because his room was so much smaller, I wanted to make sure it was cool and what he wanted.

As a reminder, here’s what the guest room looked like when we moved in:

before-guest room

And here it was after being transformed into the guest room:

Guest room

And now its third incarnation, Duncan requested a “forest cave”:

duncan's room

duncan's room

Duncan's room

Duncan's Room

Duncan's Room

I didn’t style the next photo but wanted to show his shelves and play space under the loft bed.  It’s a mess but I guess that means he actually uses it:

duncan's room

I also have to give credit, he chose the art for the space including the brass bird sculpture on his shelf below:

duncan's room

Hope you enjoyed Duncan’s room tour!  Have a great weekend and don’t forget about the Novica drawing ending on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Guest Room–Transformed To Kid’s Room

  1. Wow! I wish I had seen this before I saw you yesterday so we could chat about it. The loft bed looks awesome. I love what you did with the fabric covered panels. Never, ever would have thought to do that! Duncan is a born decorator. Great color, great accessories he picked. And where ever did you find that fabulous hanging chair? (It’s not Serena and Lily, is it?) I bet Duncan loves it!

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