House Tour: Downstairs Bath

I know I have been posting so much the last few days but I wanted to get all this done before we leave tomorrow morning.  This is the last one for at least a week–I promise!

Next on my house tour is our downstairs bath.  This bathroom would be a powder room except that it happens to be a full bath even though I don’t think anyone has ever used the shower before.  We didn’t totally gut this space–just redid the floor, vanity, paint, etc.  I still need to do something about the lighting.  Here is the only before picture I could find from right after we moved in:

The towel holder next to the vanity is actually an antique cranberry picker, stained that color by the cranberries.

The vanity is an antique oak dresser refinished in tung oil.  The sink is the Iron Bell by Kohler.

The sketch above the toilet is an original by my MIL.  The basket is vintage.  You can probably tell I love baskets.  They are all over the house but they provide such great storage as well as texture in a room.  We need the extra storage in this house which, like  most old houses, doesn’t have a lot of closet space.

I added additional storage and display with the crates.  It was supposed to be temporary but that was a while ago…


Believe it or not, this is a really dark room–there is about an hour in the summer where the light shines in and that’s when I took the photos–and I’ve been thinking lately about embracing the coziness and going totally dark in here.  Honestly, there are so many other projects I need to tackle first that by the time I get around to repainting this room, I will have changed my  mind anyway!  :)  But it’s hard to leave well enough alone.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week!

22 thoughts on “House Tour: Downstairs Bath

  1. The vanity is so pretty and I love the use of the cranberry bin for the hand towel. Did your MIL also do the sketch that is in your master bedroom? They are both so pretty. The extra storage you created with the bins is really nice. You inspired me to get my kitchen photographed, but since we’re in a twin the lighting is also a challenge. Today might be a little better if the sun stays out this afternoon so I might be scurrying home to take more photos.

  2. I love this series! It lets me examine (weird choice of words, I realize) your house again. I guess i didn’t realize you have hex tiles in that bathroom. So pretty! And you know how I feel about your gorgeous shower curtain. Plus it’s fun to see the before pics of each room! This one has come quite a long way!

  3. Love the vanity and sink…my favorite has to be the cranberry picker. So cute and what a clever way to use it…and I love that the color is from the cranberry stains! So much character and style in this little bathroom. I am loving all of your recent posts…thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks so much Laura. Seeing all these posts together makes me realize how much we’ve done but also how much we have left to do!

  4. Beautiful house tour! I’m also in the east bay and I was wondering where you found your floor tiles? Thanks so much!

    • Hi April–thanks so much! I am cutting and pasting my answer to this question from another comment below:

      “I order the fine tile (marble, limestone, hard to find shapes like the herringbone) from a place here called Italics ( It’s more expensive so I only use it for smaller projects like our fireplace, boys bath, or where it really matters like the herringbone in our master bath. For most porcelain installations I use another tile place called Import Tile ( Also good but larger and less expensive. There are a few others like Art Tile in Oakland. They don’t have a website and are very small and don’t have a great showroom but the guys there are really nice and helpful.”

      Good luck on your project!

      • Thank you so much! I’ve used Import Tile in the past also. Thank you for the other recommendations. That herringbone is incredible!

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