Industrial Drapery Rods

I’ve been struggling with what to do for window coverings in the new kitchen.  We have a lot of windows and although I love the look of them uncovered, our kitchen faces a pretty busy street with a lot of pedestrian traffic and we are pretty exposed in the evenings!  I found these industrial looking rods at West Elm that I thought would be great and kind of disappear into the dark gray paint:


Unfortunately, they don’t have them in the sizes I need and while they were on sale initially, they aren’t any longer.  The salesperson also said they were being discontinued so needless to say, it was not going to work.  I really liked the idea of a simple somewhat industrial look so I went to the hardware store and saw a bunch of galvanized and copper pipes (which would be great in a different space, but not for our kitchen) and some brass fittings but no brass rods.  Brass rods seemed like a really good option if I could find them.

After some internet searching I came across this site called Online Metals.  They pretty much have any sort of metal in any form you might need.  I think they generally supply to plumbing and other industrial type businesses but said that they sell all kinds of things to all kinds of people for all kinds of uses.  One guy wanted to build a fire station pole in his house and they supplied it.  They have wonderful customer service and were more than happy to help me figure out what I needed.

I found some metal rods on their site that were just the length I needed (60″) and they cost a fraction of the much smaller rods from West Elm.  This weekend I hope to get back to the hardware store to buy the fittings and flanges to attach them to the window casings and I’ll update you when the curtains get hung.  I’m hoping it will be as simple as I’m imagining it to be…

Also, the brass is unlacquered so the patina should mirror the patina in the faucet.  Here are some photos of the rods that arrived today:

And this is the sink with the faucet and window casings behind:

Some updates for the kitchen:

-The handheld faucet miraculously fixed itself!  Not sure exactly what happened but it stopped leaking about a week or so ago.

-The dishwasher is still broken after three visits from various repairmen.  It is supposed to be fixed with some new parts ordered on March 6.  I’m not holding my breath…

-Still waiting for the doors to arrive from Home Depot.  I need to call about that.

-I haven’t painted the door yet.  *Maybe* this weekend…

Has anyone ever used industrial or plumbing pipes for a DIY interior decorating project?  If so, I’d love to hear your results!

One thought on “Industrial Drapery Rods

  1. I am looking for unlacquered brass shower curtain rods and am intrigued by your drapery rod idea! How did the flange work out? Would obviously need to find a way to install them to the wall.
    Thanks for the idea!

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