A Peek at Christmas

I’ve been hoping to show updates of all the rooms I’ve been working on lately but I’m just not quite finished enough to really photograph them yet.  So it’s a little hard for me to post about our tree and other Christmas decor knowing there are going to be glimpses into my half finished projects.  :)   But I did want to show our first tree with white lights.  So here’s a peek into our piano room:

Here’s what it looked like a few months ago:

I have more plans for it (that pink wingback chair is getting recovered or slipped in the new year and those 2 blue barrel chairs are lovely and have served us well but the kids have been really–I mean really–hard on them) but the new paint is definitely an improvement and I’m liking not having window treatments.  Our hedge is finally tall and thick enough that we don’t need them anymore.

You can also see our tree peeking around the corner.

This is our first year doing white lights.  I always knew I liked them more than colored lights but the kids and hubby always wanted colored ones and I grew up with colored ones so I was happy to forgo them.  But this year I really wanted white lights and I think everyone is happy we made the switch.  They really do look cleaner and brighter and help highlight our ornament collection instead of competing with it.  I don’t do themed trees in my own house–we have been so lucky to receive so many beautiful ornaments over the years from friends and family and the kids pick out ornaments each year to add to the collection and that randomness makes our tree just perfect.

What about you?  Do you do colored lights or white lights?  Traditional family ornaments or trees with a particular color scheme or theme?

14 thoughts on “A Peek at Christmas

  1. Hi Lane, No tree up yet this year, but we have always had just white lights….much to my husband’s regret. For several years we used candles on the tree instead of lights, but a boisterous Labrador ended that era. One year, a dear friend gifted me with her collection of vintage pink ornaments and that year we had a pink, white and burgundy tree. Another year, we put the tree up in the family room instead of the more formal living room and I made dozens of turquoise, hot pink, purple and yellow ornaments out of scraps of suede to go with some tin ornaments that I had made as examples for one of the volunteer art classes I taught in the public schools. Last year we cut our tree from our property and it was much larger than we had ever had, so I had to fill out the decorations with ribbon. Since I had silver and white already, I added red candy cane stripped ribbon and some “candy” ornaments. The twins loved it.

    • Those garlands feel like they are made of painted cardboard. I got them them at Target a couple of years ago but I’m glad they look like they could be something handmade! Someday I will make a little Christmas banner instead…Next year’s Christmas craft!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I love the idea of doing colored lights on a playhouse. I think we are going to try to build one for the kids when the rainy season ends.

  2. Really beautiful tree!

    Darker painted trim is historically accurate but I love how you’ve updated that with two colors are quite close in color/value. I’ve been planning to do this in my front hallway with a stronger contrast and I’m a little scared but once we get through the holidays, I think I’m going to do it.

    • Can’t wait to see your hallway update Steve! I know it will be beautiful and if not, you can always paint over it (as I have done countless times…).

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