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I mentioned recently that I got a new rug for the kitchen and wanted to show some better shots of it.  Here’s a reminder of the old rug:

Not bad.  This was the one I made from stitching together 6 ikea rugs.  It had been through about 45 washings though and was starting to look a little worse for the wear.

Here’s a close up of the new kilim:


a dark kilim in an all white kitchen.

Definitely warms up all the white and relates well to the brass.  Also, the rest of our house has really orange toned floors so this works well with them.

And, a few weeks ago I had a reader ask about how the unlacquered brass was holding up.  Here’s an update:

I’m really happy with it so far.  I haven’t done anything to it except clean it with non abrasive cleansers every couple of weeks or so and if anything, it’s aging slower than I thought it would.  If you remember, the neck is copper plate and the rest is solid brass and the solid brass components are really heavy and durable.  I will have to replace the neck someday with a solid brass one but for now it’s fine and looks the same as the solid brass.  It’s aging at the same rate and you only know it’s not solid brass when you handle it.  So, 1.5 years later I still would totally recommend unlacquered brass and give it a strong thumbs up!

I also am pleased with the marble.  It has etching and some spots as I knew it would but again, that’s what I wanted so if you are up for a patinaed surface, I recommend the marble.  If you think that might bother you, definitely take a more durable route.  I’m doing soapstone for a kitchen client right now and I can’t wait to see it installed.  For durability, I love a honed black granite with a smooth or leather finish.  And of course, I LOVE concrete counters in traditional and contemporary settings.  Did anyone see the post about DIY concrete counters from The Little Green Notebook?  Dying over them…

The painted floors are holding up pretty well although we had a fridge leak recently and there are some water issues.  Not bad–a little staining and tiny bit of peeling and I guess we would have water stains if they weren’t painted too but still–a little frustrating.  Luckily, I can just spot paint the damaged areas myself–someday…;)

The painted cabs are another area I would rethink.  I don’t now recommend painted cabinets for clients on the lowers after realizing how much the heavy use takes a toll on them.  Especially at the sink.  They are peeling in places and have some chips–Not bad or really noticeable but for lowers now I always recommend stained wood or foil wrapped if possible.  I do have cabinet paint for touch ups and I guess before a real photo shoot or something I will touch them up but for now I’m just letting it go. :)

Anyone else have words of wisdom for kitchen renos?

14 thoughts on “Kitchen Updates

  1. Lane, your kitchen is beautiful. Love that faucet. And, I appreciate your feedback on the cabinets. I’ve been pondering painting our island ever since we moved in, but honestly, it takes a ton of abuse and I’m not sure how it would really hold up.

  2. Thanks Emily! Yes, the painted lower kitchen cabs have been somewhat disappointing. And I have seen other kitchens with the same result so I know it’s not just me. :) They were professionally treated and sprayed and the uppers look great. The lowers–especially by the dishwasher and sink–are really showing some peeling/wear. Foil wrapped seems the way to go as long as it’s high quality.

  3. Interesting feed back on the faucet and painted floors and cabinets. Mine are showing a bit of wear too here and there. Foil wrapped. I’ll have to check into that!

    But, honestly, Lane. That RUG!! It is stunning. I mean it. Perfect for the space.

  4. I have no clue what foil wrapped means. Isn’t that for hair? Anyway, my painted lowers are holding up really well but it’s just me living in the house–and no kids–so they not getting nearly as much use as yours.

    I’m going to looking for a stone to complement the walnut counters on my antique store cabinet. A honed granite sounds great and I’ll have to look in to the leather finish.

    Love your kitchen!

  5. Lane, this is really useful information. I’ve been thinking about painted cabinets, but now I’ll reconsider. I’m with Steve — I need to research “foil wrapped”! Quick question: were your cabinets custom made, then painted? Do you think that high-quality manufactured cabinets, like a kitchen store would sell, would hold up any better? I heard they had tougher finishes. Thanks for the update!

  6. Hi Lane,
    Got your e-mail (thanks). Now I know how to leave comments. (DUH!)

    My bathroom cabinets were painted white several years ago. And they are now showing wear also. They say white cabinets are a classic but the thought of having to repaint makes me want to cry.

  7. I am interested in knowing what is used for your counter tops? I am getting ready to do mine and not quite sure what I want. Love your kitchen look!

  8. I love your kitchen! I am using it as the inspiration for my kitchen renovation. Where did you find your faucet and what brand is it? Also, is your marble polished or honed? Which would you recommend? Thanks!

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