Lesley Evers: Beautifully Wearable Clothing Design

There’s a local designer here in the SF Bay Area who designs some of the prettiest and most wearable pieces for women I have ever seen.  Her name is Lesley Evers and these are some pieces from her collection:








(all images via Lesley Evers)

Last year for my 20th (gulp) highschool reunion I bought one of her dresses.  I tried a bunch of them on in a local boutique (Bella Vita–another great place to find one of a kind designer pieces as well as things for the home) and all of them were beautiful and flattering would have been a welcome addition to my wardrobe.  Lesley Evers designs are classic and there’s something for every figure type.  She even designs most of her textiles.

I decided after having Becky that I wanted to start paring down my wardrobe and only invest in long term pieces instead of buying a bunch of things that I never really wear.  If you are looking for a special piece to add to your wardrobe I can’t recommend her designs enough!

Do you have a go to designer or shop for special pieces in your wardrobe?

2 thoughts on “Lesley Evers: Beautifully Wearable Clothing Design

  1. Love that orange and white top…paired with white jeans…so cute! I too have been trying to buy less (keyword “trying”) and practice the better quaility versus mass quantity philosophy. So much easier on the wallet and limited closet space!

    • I love that top too! I have been trying to do the investing in quality pieces thing but it’s so hard. Now hat we are finished having babies though I’m really going to try.

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