Little Bench: Before and After

Several months ago I found this little upholstered bench at an estate sale.  It was really cute and good quality but very dated:

You can see below it has that terrible faux finishing technique that was so popular in the sixties and seventies with the speckling.  Most pieces I find with this are antique reproductions of a high quality so there must have been something to that kind of finish that was very “in” at the time…

The upholstery was actually in good condition and high quality velvet but the gold color of it with the antique white and the gilding screamed early 70s boudoir.  I was basically dreading having to reupholster it so I stuck it in our storage shed all winter.  Then, today when I brought it out, I realized it wasn’t really gold velvet, it was mustard yellow, it just needed a peacock blue to accent it the right way…

I used ASCP Aubusson Blue with a dark wax to give it that darker peacock blue tone.  I left a little of the gilding for two reasons:  First, I liked it.  And second, it made painting up next to the upholstery so much easier.  I basically didn’t have to paint right up next to the piping because the line of gilding made a little buffer.

This little bench has such great lines.  And the upholstery has a ton of tufting.

Great carved details too.

This little bench will be going to the flea market along with all the other pieces from my recent posts.  I had been thinking I wouldn’t take it because I had decided I just didn’t like it–but now I think it’s one of my favorites!  The colors and style are so out of my usual box but I guess it’s good to push yourself now and again.

Also, before you think I traveled to Venice and took photos in a crumbling palazzo, I’m actually in the middle of replastering my living room walls.  I can only do it in bits and pieces when the kids are out or sleeping so who knows how long I will have to put up with my living room in a shambles.  Sometimes I just get a bee in my bonnet though and have to start doing something.  Anyway, I thought the crumbling plaster fit the feel of the bench–sort of faded European nobility or something.  Maybe I’ve been watching too much Downton Abbey…

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13 thoughts on “Little Bench: Before and After

    • Thanks so much Danielle! You are so right–I need to remember to push myself when I get stuck in a rut. Thanks so much for the kind comments. I’m heading over to check out your blog now…

  1. It looks amazing! Funny how when a contrasting color was against it went from gold to mustard – what a bold, wonderful color choice – nicely done. As always, great photography and staging too!

  2. Well that was a brilliant color pairing, I’d say, because it is a total transformation. I think it would look very good in my bedroom, as a matter-of-fact. I’m going to want to buy all of your furniture…

  3. It’s so pretty Lane – that blue was a great call. How do you resist keeping all of these great pieces for yourself? You have such a way with styling and photography. It’s like all of your photos tell a story.

    • Thanks so much Holly! I actually am having a hard time thinking about selling some of these pieces. The bench I’m OK with but I found a mail sorter I want keep and an old beat up trunk I am loving on our front porch for toys and shoes, etc. Our house is packed to the gills right now though…

  4. Summertime is really eating away at my blog reading time! I have missed so many delicious posts over here! You find the prettiest pieces to bring back to life – I absolutely LOVE this bench. The legs are perfection in blue….such great detail!

    • I have not been on top of my blog reading either–but I’m looking forward to getting back into it! So great to hear from you!

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