Living Room Redo Sneak Peek

For the last several months I have been slowly redoing our living room bit by bit.  I still have much to do (I think I’m going to use some of my flea market earnings to recover our wingback) but I have some sneak peeks of some things that are taking shape.


First, here are some photos of the old living room when it was decorated for Christmas last year:

And here’s the fireplace now after the room has gotten some new paint and some simplified Christmas decorations:

The main thing that took so long for this room was retexturing the walls.  They had “knock down” texture which is apparently the worst and we skim coated them but it was a slow and painful process!  We also have coved ceilings in here and those are just going to have to wait to get smooth like the walls.  You can kind of see it in this old picture of our vintage buffalo skull:

Here’s a close up of the wall now with the new paint and oh so smooth!:

It’s hard to tell but the walls are a warm white with a darker trim and darker mullions.  This is the hardest room to get the color right in that I have ever worked on!  It has been a good learning process for me though.  I think I’ve painted it 5 times in the 4.5 years we’ve lived here.

And the textured walls have bothered me since we first walked through the door!  I’m so happy to have smooth walls even if no one else ever really notices.  I still have to get the ceiling painted and do some other projects in here before I do a reveal but wanted to share so far.

Also, wanted to announce that Camille of The Vintique Object, her partner Wendy and I will be having a studio sale for Christmas this weekend.  If you’re in the Bay Area come by 2648 Stuart Street at the corner of College Ave in Berkeley and see what we are offering–some at deep discounts!  It will be postponed in case of rain though.

Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “Living Room Redo Sneak Peek

  1. I love the new color on the fireplace, Lane!! It totally changes the space!
    Your inspire me with colors….I still can’t get that navy/teal out of my head that you talked about a month or two ago!

    • Thanks Lisa! I love that deep teal color too (BM Dark Harbour). I think I have convinced a client to use it in her bedroom–I’ll keep you posted. I also think I am painting our powder room a dark color (Dark Pewter) tomorrow. It will be quite a change but I’m ready!

  2. I completely agree with you, smooth walls are the best! My husband skim coated our guest bath last year and it changed the entire look of the room. Out of curiosity, what type of brick or tile is your fireplace surround? It’s very unique.

    • I agree Holly–it has changed the whole feel of the room to have smooth walls. Our fireplace tile is called “mottled glazed ceramic” tiles that were popular during the victorian era. Our house is called a craftsman but has a lot of victorian elements because it was on the earlier side of the craftsman period. It’s strange because it has that very victorian fireplace and a small victorian turret but proportions and shingles like a craftsman…

  3. Lane-
    Love the new color on your fireplace! I feel your pain about skimming walls….I am still working on mine. It is a dirty painful process but well worth it.

    Your room looks great!


    • I have to admit Tery, I finally called it quits and had a handyman come finish it for me! I only got through about half on my own and couldn’t take any more…

      Thank you!

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