House Tour: Bathroom Garden

Lately I’ve been inspired by images like this dining room by Bunny Williams and its conservatory feel:


I love all the green and the plants and the feeling of bringing the garden in.  I also had been wanting to take some new photos of our master bath for my pinterest board so I went to the yard and got some cuttings.  It’s not quite as lush as the Bunny Williams photo above but you get the idea.  😉



One reason I love a garden feel in the bathroom is because bathrooms are full of moisture anyway so they are like little hothouses.  The little orchid plant on top of the antique cabinet above has done so much better since I moved it to the bathroom a few weeks ago.  Plus, you will notice in the Bunny Williams photo above that many of the surfaces are stone (including, I think, marble and limestone) and most natural stones age beautifully with water so lush plants are a natural complement to an area with lots of stone or tile surfaces like a bathroom.

If you want more information on details, sources or before photos of our master bath, check out this previous post.

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13 thoughts on “House Tour: Bathroom Garden

  1. The bathroom tile floor is just stunning! Can you provide a few more details about it please? Size of tile, material, and source would be ideal.

    • Hi Natalie–thanks so much! The tile is limestone, 3″ x 12″. It was actually pretty hard to find it in this size but I was finally able to at a tile place here in Berkeley called Italics ( It’s Italian tile and I can’t remember the exact name of it but I may have some extra of it somewhere and will look and let you know if I find it. Another option is buying 12″ x 12″ and cutting them into the right lengths. This will be a good option and probably save money if you don’t mind having a clean cut edge.

  2. Like your kitchen, your bathroom is totally stunning. My favorite parts are the vanity and the beautifully framed sketches. Even the way you have them arranged is perfect. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

  3. I too love that beautifully tiled floor – a showstopper! Isn’t it amazing how some fresh greenery can really bring a space to life? And such pretty light in this room too!

  4. It’s beautiful Lane – I’m going to have to go back and read your previous post about this room. And darn, why didn’t I find your blog sooner? We’re on a family staycation this week so I’ve been a little absent but I’ll be back again next week – got lots to share. I love the sink too and the floor – and it all. You do such great work.

    • Thanks so much Holly. :) We’ve had a staycation off and on all summer. I have definitely been lapse in my attention to the blog world too. Can’t wait to see what you have to share though! I always get inspiration from your posts…

  5. Please give me details about the wood countertop. What kind of sealer did you use, etc? I’m thinking of using wood in my laundry room.

    • Hi Tauny,

      I initially used a poly on the recommendation of a guy at a lumber yard and it was terrible. Within a few months it had peeled and cracked. I then did a bunch of research and found out that tung oil is really durable. (I had actually already used it in my downstairs bathroom on a whim and it had held up great. 4.5 years later and the antique oak vanity that gets constant use from 3 young kids doesn’t show the first sign of wear). So I sanded off the poly and replaced with tung oil and couldn’t be happier! Tung oil is mostly all natural (most commercial brands use chemical additives) and is an oil so wood responds really well to it. You can control the shine depending on how many coats you apply.

      Good luck!

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