Rich Color for Fall

I mentioned in my last post I am really intrigued by dark paint colors on walls lately.  Don’t get me wrong, a bright, light, neutral is classic and fresh all at the same time and can do wonders for an already dark space.   Perhaps it is the impending fall weather, but I’m loving the idea lately of being enveloped by a rich intense beautiful color.  Here are my current favorites that I have either used or am dying to (all colors are Benjamin Moore):

Dark Harbor:

This deep rich peacock-turquoise would look gorgeous with a creamy camel colored leather chair.  I can also see it mixing sumptuously with golden yellows, brass fixtures, creamy accents and warm honey wood finishes.  How lovely would it be in an entryway or powder room?

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Hale Navy:

This is a beautiful, dark, tailored navy.  I can see it with white for a classic look or paired with linen and blood orange for something more vibrant.  It would also look lovely with greens and would be a rich neutral paired with so many colors.

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I love this green and am considering using it as an accent in the boys bedroom redo.  This would be gorgeous with navy and dark wood finishes.  I had a hard time finding good images of it on the web–has anyone out there used it?  Here’s one:

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Deep Creek:

A rich brown-gray, it has warmth unlike so many dark grays.  I used it in the bachelor pad redo I did in the spring:

As you can see, I love it with turquoise but could also see it with green, red, orange, etc.  It’s a great, rich neutral.

I used it in the bachelor office as well:

Mountain Ridge:

I love this Belgian looking aubergine.  How pretty and calming with a light washed linen and some deep blues or greens.  I couldn’t find any photos of it in a room–has anyone out there ever used it?

Dark Pewter:


I love this chameleon-like color!  Sometimes blue, sometimes green, it’s versatile and can make almost anything look good.  Colors that change with light as much as this one are usually sure things in any space.  Definitely one of my can’t-go-wrong colors.


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What dark rich colors would you add to the list?  Any you’ve tried or maybe haven’t worked up the courage to yet?


13 thoughts on “Rich Color for Fall

  1. I’m actually considering Hale Navy for our basement – I love navy paired with leather and also for creating a cave-like feel….especially paired with crisp white trim! But that Dark Harbor -ooooooh – where could I use that??

  2. As you know, I’m a total ninny when it comes to going dark. I just love light and bright filled spaces so much!

    That said, I’ve just been totally smitten with navy — I especially love it mixed with gold, like the photo of the gold mirrors. I’ve been toying with the idea of upholstering a series of panels in navy linen to lean for the entire wall behind our bed — all the way up to the molding. And my intention was to hang a small gilded oval mirror right above the bed. That one is a LONG way down the line in the way of projects though. You know how that goes…

    This is a great post. I’ll be referring back to it for sure. Amazing how the Deep Creek reads differently in the living room and the office of the bachelor’s place. Such a beautiful color.

  3. Dark Harbor is calling my name and you describe it with perfect pairings too. I would do it in an entry or somewhere that got lots of light – maybe in our next house wherever that is. And oh how I love the bachelor pad – everything about it.

  4. Years ago, I painted many of my rooms in dark colors..loved how the dark hues made the white trim pop….however, I have turned the corner and using lighter shades…When I was a teenager, I painted my bedroom navy blue … the color scheme was navy and yellow… My dad thought I was crazy wanting that color, but when it finally was on the walls, he liked it…that was my very first experience with painting a room with a dark color…so many years ago…Love the Dark Pewter!

    • I usually like lighter shades too–I just feel better in them and I definitely need light, especially in the winter. But something about these rich colors is really talking to me! Maybe I’ll try a little in a bathroom or something before I really commit…

  5. Those are some great choices….a few others I like from BM are Texas Leather, Narragansett Green and Kingsport Gray. I saw the green at the Show House this year and it was wonderful and rich.

      • Benjamin moore’s iron mountain is one of my all-time favorites. It ranges from a charcoal gray to a deep brown depending on the light. I first encountered it when I was working at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC, right after their tens of millions of dollars renovation – the entire lobby area and hall are painted in this color, and people would ask us for the name of it all. the. time. :) I have since painted a bedroom accent wall in the color, and can’t wait to use it more!!

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