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I realized yesterday as I was posting about the powder room color update that over the holidays I did A LOT of projects around the house.  I have so many updates to post about but haven’t been able to photograph them for the blog because truly, the rooms on the back side of our house get terrible light in the winter.  I actually tried taking photos with just really bright exposure back in December but we were getting a lot of rain then and it was just not looking good.  So instead of blogging about the projects I just kept doing them and biding my time until the light moves back in the sky to the north and I can take some decent photos.  We’re almost there…

But, I did find this photo from a sunny day last month that is a decent sneak peek of the office redo I’ve been doing.  I have a very patient client–my husband–who has been waiting for years for me to tackle his home office instead of everything else in the house.  The only before photo I have is this:

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 10.25.04 AM

This photo is from the early days of my blog when I was just posting about furniture projects (this was a salvaged desk I refinished for John several years ago) and taking pics with my iphone.  The walls were blue (I have no idea what color!) and it was a dumping ground for all paperwork, some laundry, toys, etc.  But also John has to work from there, sometimes one or two days a week.

And, unlike me, John loves a style I’ll call “controlled clutter.”  He likes stuff.  Lots of colorful music posters, tchotchkes, mementos, photos, etc.  He always said he wanted the walls completely filled with stuff.  He has been kind and supportive enough to let me do my thing in the rest of the house and in here he gets to be in charge (almost!).  Here is a photo of one of the walls after we painted it white but still before pics.  We also had already flipped the desk and the sofa so that the desk is now under the window:

IMG_2160 IMG_2161

That door on the left leads to our newly painted powder room.  So those are the befores and here is a sneak peek of the after:

office wall wtrmrk

We are getting there!  As you can tell, John is a huge music fan and together we also have a small collection of folk art.  We got a new rug (I took advantage of a sale at Rugs USA this winter to get a couple of new rugs).  As soon as the light improves I will show you the other changes in here–some big changes to a bookshelf and the desk itself.

Some big changes have happened in the living room too since I last posted about it but they aren’t finished yet.  I’ll probably do a sneak peek there too soon though.  Sorry to have so many teasers!  I guess I’m a total tease. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

PS-In case I don’t blog again before the weekend, I wanted to say I have a big birthday happening on Sunday (gulp) and I’m a little nervous about it.  I’ll just say it ends in a zero and leave it at that. :)  I actually am looking forward to the next decade but definitely feel an era ending.  How do you handle the big ones?

6 thoughts on “Some More Updates

  1. Love the office. Whenever I look at your spaces it makes me feel like a collector and well travelled person lives there. It’s great!

    Happy birthday! Don’t worry about your milestone birthdays. It’s truly just a number and more how you feel. I never really gave it much thought until I was pregnant with Ben, my now 3 year old. I was 42 and considered a dinosaur by my OB/GYN. They made me feel old but honestly my 40s have been the best years! Enjoy your life and don’t worry about the number.

    As my father says often…getting old bets the alternative!

    Happy birthday!!

    • So funny Tery–my mom says the same thing! I am looking forward to it really and have heard that this decade and the next are great ones. Thanks for the encouragement and the birthday wishes!


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