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You may recognize the table below from this previous post.  Well, it’s having yet another transformation.  I painted it in ASCP for my son’s preschool auction coming up in a couple of weeks.  I wanted  something neutral that could be for a boy’s room or a girl’s room (or even a grown up living room) so I chose Versailles with some white showing through the distressing.  Then I staged it two different ways to display in the auction brochure–one for a boy and one for a girl:




And girl…

The first thing I did to stage it was to get rid of the lamp wires by tying them in a knot behind the table. I then tried the rule of threes for the object groupings on the table which is supposed to make a prettier picture. Besides changing the accessories, I also changed the knob on the drawer for each photo.  And I employed one important rule I learned from Camille at The Vintique Object recently which is that photos taken straight on, facing the table (or bed, or dresser, etc.) feel open and honest are usually more visually appealing.  Of course, once I uploaded the photos, I saw that outlet glaring at me.  I still have so much to learn about styling!  Also, I don’t like how you can see up under the lampshade in the first photo.  And of course, those of you who read the blog know that this is actually my kitchen, but I chose the room with the best light.



And here’s a close up of the paint treatment.  I also used Annie Sloan wax to seal it.


What are some sure fire styling “tricks” you have learned when taking photos?  Lord knows I need the help!

4 thoughts on “Styling Practice

  1. So much to say here! First, your little table is super cute — your did a great job painting it AND what a great idea to offer it up for auction. I’m going to remember that one.

    Second, really nice photos. I haven’t mentioned it before, but I think your photography is really good. You have a natural eye for nice composition (lemons on the kitchen counter in the faucet shot, greenery peeking from the side of the camera in several others) and your technical abilities FAR surpass my own!

    I don’t mind seeing up into the lampshade at all. And I hear you about finding stuff you never saw when you look through the camera! For me there’s always, always a crooked picture I never noticed. I guess that’s why in pro shoots, you always see the camera hooked up to a computer screen. (Would love to learn how to do that!!)

    Anyway, so fun to see how you styled both shots! Tell me to shut up now.

  2. Thanks Camille for all the encouragement! Coming from you I think it’s a great compliment. You have such a good eye and I really have learned so much from the styling tips on your blog. Hope Caroline feels better soon!

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