Our House Colors And A Bit Of Reality

Just a quick post before the weekend.  I put together this board of all of our house colors for reference.  All colors are Benjamin Moore.


Paint Colors text 2

1. November Rain: Master bath, Master bedroom, Kids bathroom, Kitchen floor and trim

2. Agave: Accent stripes in boys room

3. Sandy Hook Gray: Dining room fireplace, Living room trim

4.Winter Ice: Entryway, Hallway

5. Ballet White: Living room walls (on my monitor, this color looks beige but it doesn’t look like that at all in our house.  More like a white with taupey undertones).

6. Deep Creek: Kitchen muntins and door, Living room muntins and mullions

7. Morning Dew: Guest room

8. Dark Pewter: Powder room

Unless otherwise stated, all trim in our house is Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee.  That’s also the color on the walls in the kitchen and in the office.  BM makes a Swiss Coffee but the KM one is softer.

Secondly, I wanted to throw a little truth in the mix today.  You may remember this image from my last post:

urban orchard interiors

It looks like a quiet peaceful garden here.  But that’s because there’s no volume on this blog.  Below is an image looking out of the second floor window of the boys’ room:

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 2.50.14 PM

This is College Avenue.  In the morning and afternoon rush hour there is a steady stream of cars driving faster than they should on this street.  There are stop signs a couple of blocks in either direction and it is a heavy pedestrian street with lots of shops and restaurants 2 blocks down so it’s not like a freeway, but too often cars are rushing to get somewhere and racing up to the next stop sign.  Every weekday I cross that busy street right there with at least three kids (sometimes more if we are bringing friends home) and can’t tell you how many times we have almost been mowed down.  For the last year I have led our neighbors on a crusade to petition the city for better traffic calming measures here.  There are four schools within a four block radius as well as a playground, library and dog park.  The city came back with a response that everything was fine, case closed.  While I have handed the reins over to another mom who lives right across the street to fight the good fight, it is still one that gets my blood boiling everyday.  Especially because a few years ago a kindergarten student at our elementary was killed at a bad intersection just a few blocks away from here by a driver in a hurry.

BUT, what I really meant to write about before I got on my soapbox was how deceptive the photos of our yard are with that hedge.  When we moved in the hedge was about 3-4 feet lower and there was no fence.  This yard was also all gravel.  We stared at that yellow and salmon colored apartment building and willed the trees and plants to hurry up and grow!  We are slowly transforming this yard and it is nice to feel that all that chaos is at least not visible to us when the kids are playing here but the reality of the city is still right there on the other side.  That’s why I had to call it our “urban oasis.”  And don’t get me started on our back yard.  That’s for another time…

Have a great weekend and be safe!