I have so many things around the  house that I want to take pictures of these days but the weather has not been cooperating.  I just can’t get a good photo in my dark wintry downstairs without good natural light.

So instead I thought I would share some images from a category in my Pinterest account that has been growing rapidly lately.  It’s called “Vignettes” and it’s basically as it sounds.  It’s for any image I find beautiful mostly for its styling and which can’t be easily categorized as a particular space.

















Seems totally random when I look at them together like that but I know the images have a boldness to them that was hard to categorize any other way!  Check out more on my Pinterest page.


Also, I just wanted to say how much admiration and respect I have for all the ladies in the blog world who are moms, bloggers, designers, have day jobs, take care of family, etc.  My hat is off to you!  I find it so hard to get everything done in the hours I have everyday and lately my attention to my blog friends has been suffering.  Thanks to all the bloggers and followers who keep checking me out and especially leaving comments even though I haven’t always been able to do the same lately.  I really appreciate it!  The good news is, I have had a lot of new client design projects come my way over the last few weeks but the hard part is I am always struggling to find that balance.  I would love any tips from any blogger/designer/moms out there who have made it work.


Thanks again for stopping by!