Nature Inspired Christmas Craft And A Little Magic

Here are the final results of my crafting binge the other day so you can head into the weekend with some fun craft ideas.  This first one has to be the easiest craft ever.  I had some river rocks and floral wire left over from a flower arrangement so using some pinterest inspiration I wrapped the wire around the rocks, stamped some Christmas themed note cards and voila!

I added some Mod Podge to the stamps so they wouldn’t bleed.  You could also switch out the cards every season and if you had bigger rocks you could display your Christmas cards this way.  So easy–definitely my kind of craft!

Next, I saw this wonderful tutorial on Pinterest to make really authentic looking magic wands and thought I would give it a try.  You basically get chopsticks, beads, a glue gun, and paint.  Glue the beads to the end of the chopsticks and then cover that end with glue.  I used three glue sticks on each wand.  Then paint the whole thing and voila!  Magic wands:

Using a lot of glue gives them that gnarled appearance that any good hand forged wand would have. :)   Also, I found really large chopsticks at a Japanese dollar store.  These are about 20 inches long which makes them more Wizardly looking.

These were fun but definitely more labor intensive.  There’s a lot of time waiting for them to dry so you can do the next step.  (The boys kept asking “When are they going to be ready?  Are they ready yet?  When are they gonna be ready?”).  In addition to what’s detailed in the Pinterest tutorial, I added German glitter to different parts of the wand and then sealed the whole thing with Mod Podge.  I also used ASPC but any paint would do.  I realized early on that dipping them in the paint and then using a brush to remove the excess saved a lot of time.  These would make great gifts for Harry Potter lovers.  I will have these available at our studio sale December 15th.

We’re finally getting a tree this weekend and doing some fun Christmas outings with the kids around the East Bay.  What are your holiday plans (if any) this weekend?