The New Living Room Details

I was playing around with the fabric I ordered for the wingbacks today in the living room and decided to take some detail photos of some of the updates I’ve made.   You may remember the photo below from this previous post:

I’ve been fooling around in there waiting for all the fabric I ordered to come in.  Here’s the fabric:

piano room fabric edy

I’m still waiting for the fabric of that swatch to come in from West Elm.  By the way, I am loving West Elm these days.  Have you checked out their market items?   Anyway, I’m getting off track, these 3 fabrics are being made into slipcovers for two wingbacks I have, probably to go on either side of that console table under the window:

piano room window vignette wtrmrk

Turning to the left you see this:

tv room symmetry wtrmrk

OK, I gotta talk about this bentwood table.  I love it because it’s pretty and because it was such a find.  The top is so aged and patinaed–it looks like an old oak wine barrel.  The legs are so graceful and the center detail is lovely too.  It’s a little crooked but so is our floor so I just make sure it’s positioned so that they cancel each other out.  :)  On top of the books under the cloche sitting in a brass bowl are three bird nests I found last year in our neighborhood.  Two are from humming birds.  on the ceiling you can also see the lanterns I added in December.  (I know they aren’t period but they look so much better than the contractor boob lights that were here before…)

tv room birdsnests detail wtrmrk

tv room sofa wtrmrk

Here’s our saggy sofa.  I can’t tell you how many times a day this poor thing gets jumped on.  And it’s a sofa bed from our pre-kid days living in SF when we had to have a place for guests to sleep.  I’m keeping it until the kids are finished jumping on stuff–whenever that is!  The slipcover is about 5 years old and has held up great.  I made the velvet pillows last year and, confession, that bolster in the middle is not actually a pillow.  I just wrapped the fabric around another pillow I had to see what it will look like when I actually do make that pillow!  Scandal!  I also just draped the olive fabric over our cat scratched chair to hide it. I know, I am so cheating…

tv room lamp table vignette wtrmrk

I bought this little spindle leg table at a salvage yard right before New Years because we were having our party and I didn’t have anything to go here.  I finally got around to refinishing the top but haven’t done anything with the bottom yet.  The lamp used to be espresso (as was everything at that time) but I painted it in December to add some color to the room.  Also to play off the green and blue of the columns:

tv room column lamp detail wtrmrk

I bought these two antique columns about 5 years ago at my favorite salvage yard.  I thought about buying them for weeks before I actually did it but now, they wouldn’t last a minute there before somebody would snatch them up.  The salvaging world really has changed.

tv room column detail wtrmrk

piano room basket vignette wtrmrk

This is a vignette next to the other column.  Basket for toys and some of my favorite prints in the house.  The one of the bottom is a limited edition embossed pterydactyl fossil.  Such a weird thing to do but is so cool up close.  You can kind of make it out in the photo.  Above it is an antique lithograph.

tv room fireplace wtrmrk

And I don’t think I’ve ever shown a detail of our Victorian glazed tile fireplace.  It has green, brown, yellow and a little bit of blue which help inspire the palette.

Thanks for taking the tour again!  Did I miss anything?

13 thoughts on “The New Living Room Details

  1. Thanks for the tour, Lane…loved it! Man, where do I even start? Love those lamps you painted, the patina on your columns, that log/stool thing, pretty much everything. I love that your room looks collected over time. Great job!

  2. Oh your columns! And you are so right, that they wouldn’t last two minutes these days. I wish it weren’t chic to salvage and thrift….

    So, I’ve cheated and I have to mention again, that the material you’ve picked for your chairs is very similar to the color pallette you showed in a previous post (I read them all at once before commenting. :)

    • I know! When I started going to UO because I needed furniture cheaply, there was never anyone there and I would think about what I needed and after a few weeks, I would find it there. Now, everything seems so over priced and goes so fast…

      Again, nothing gets by you! You have such an eye for detail…

  3. The pteradactyl fossil embossment is really cool – I’ve never seen anything like that. I also spy what I think is sanseveria next to your fireplace – is that what it is? it looks very healthy. I have one that is doing okay but I really want it to take off. I also really like how the mirror above your fireplace here resembles a transom window. Such neat character in your home Lane.

    • Thanks Holly! Yes, that is a “snake plant” and I wish it were doing better. I killed my last one by over watering it but this one needs more light I think. I’m going to keep trying since I love how they look-and they’re supposed to be easy!

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