Lane McNab’s interiors combine beauty and charm with elegance and livability. Authentic, understated style is the hallmark of her designs.

The South, Europe, and California Style

A Southern transplant who grew up in Tallahassee, FL and attended undergraduate at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, Lane draws on her extensive travel as well as studies abroad when designing. Living in cities rich in architecture and design such as San Francisco, Charleston, SC and Memphis created a lifetime love of the relation between a home’s past and present. Several trips to Europe including summer studies at Oxford University and Il Globo Instituto in Italy where she traveled extensively, as well as an extended trip to Japan also fueled Lane’s love of design and architecture. Finally settling in Berkeley, CA in 2008 added another city with an architectural pedigree to her growing list of cities to fall in love with.

A Background in the Arts

Prior to a career in interiors, Lane moved to San Francisco to attend the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she graduated with advanced degrees in vocal performance and then spent several years as a highly-­acclaimed soprano in leading roles throughout the Bay Area. This rewarding career gave Lane a rich knowledge of music as well as many languages, performance, visual artistry, creativity, and historical context all of which she brings to her designs. After taking time off to manage the demands of a growing family Lane began to focus entirely on her other passion: designing interiors.

Hands on Experience

After years of study, Lane apprenticed on numerous projects with a local design and construction firm as a designer and assistant project manager. This invaluable training augmented her knowledge and savvy of the design and construction process and allowed her to cultivate relationships with some of the best contractors, sub­contractors, craftspeople, and artisans in the Bay Area.

The Philosophy. The Process.

Lane started her own firm in 2011 and now, with her team under Lane McNab Interiors, gives her clients a completely rewarding experience. Besides having knowledge of all levels of the the design process, Lane also has an extensive understanding of how to create custom and semi­-custom pieces to give each client a personal, one-­of­-a­-kind result. Environmental responsibility is also an important part of Lane’s process and her firm sources locally and sustainably whenever possible through trusted vendors and tradespeople with environmental certifications. Her firm also has a tried and true system for implementation so once your design is finalized you can have confidence in a detailed execution.

A deep devotion to the transformative power of beauty in people’s lives, once through music and now through design connects Lane’s passions. Lane McNab Interiors brings this sensibility to clients throughout California whether through first and second residences, boutique retail, or full home interiors.

Lane McNab Interiors is a member of the Interior Design Society.

Lane McNab Interiors