Working With Lane

I get it.

You want good design — quality, style, functionality, and beauty, but without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Honest Design

Realness is achievable in a quality, high-end, beautiful, interior. Authentic design comes from acknowledging a home’s environment and past, understanding its present, and collaborating with the people who live there now. Modern furnishings can work beautifully in an historic home if the people who live there love modern and love their home. A vintage rug can look completely right in a modern home if it’s part of the homeowner’s collected life. It’s all part of an evolution, part of a story–your story.

Like people, every home has a story to tell and you and your life are a part of your home’s evolution.

The feeling you have when you walk into a room I’ve designed should be that this room belongs in this home.

Authenticity Through Collaboration

Achieving authenticity in design makes collaboration an important and rewarding part of what I do. I see myself as a translator who uses the language of design to make that hazy vision of home–made up of feelings and emotions, colors and ideas–a reality. What inspires you? Travel, hobbies, family, art, collections, magazine images, colors, or all of the above, let it spark a beautiful design that truly connects to you.

I also love people, and working with clients as well as artisans who are passionate about what they do always inspires me. From architects and builders to woodworkers, metalsmiths and sewers, I love seeking out true artists who bring talent, skills and expertise to every job.

I want you to feel grounded when you walk into your home so that you can get on with the business of living your life. Your story is written within its walls. Let me help you tell it and have the courage to let it be better than you imagined.